How to place your order

We strongly suggest you read About us in order to get to know us and our mission. We do believe that we should vote with our money, and feel confident that the businesses we support reflects our own values in life.

Everything we create is by using materials from our own antique collection, and all the proceeds are used to add to the archive of gentleman’s and ladies periodicals of the 18th and 19th century.

We offer wide variety of ready products in the form of greeting cards, decor prints, Victorian journals and diaries , calendars, as well as ever changing selection of antique books.

However if you do not see anything you like or would like to satisfy your creative nature to the fullest, then visit our Pictorial archive select any print image you want and e-mail us detailing what you want to achieve:

  • greeting card – size, look at the front (frame text, colours) what do you like the inside to look, custom greeting. Be specific or vague – we will do our best to have a design for your approval within ours or a few days, depending on the complexity you desire;
  • decor prints – do you want frame or not, colours, texts, size of the print
  • we have done custom diaries/ journals, wedding guest books – select the images you want, tell us about the style you envision;
  • custom collections of prints for your decor needs;
  • custom invitations for balls, weddings, birthdays, etc.

You can see some examples of customization we have done to get you started.

Our Pictorial archive is updated daily. We own large collection of Regency, Victorian and Edwardian ladies fashion periodicals in English and French as well as close to 5000 loose engravings from the same periods. It has been a monumental task to scan and publish everything available. Refresh often to see the new images uploaded. If you do not see what you are looking for but you know the source – ladies, magazine year – let us know there is a good chance that we have the image in our collection, but it was not published yet. We have done custom collection following such request many times.

Lastly, we use the proceeds from our sales to create a complete archive of the ladies periodicals of the Regency and Victorian era. More information about our progress would be posted as time permits. Fell free to ask questions, we are always happy to hear from all of you.

Help us with information regarding the publication span of any of the magazines and you will be rewarded with free print and greeting card of your choice.

A card can start like this

Simple image

And end up looking like this

Frame for any occasion

Or this

with frame and text

The inside of the card can be blank

Or look like this

Or this

You can start with generic wedding guest book

Like this one


And make it your own